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Let’s Get Moving!

Studies have shown that kids who get regular physical activity are more alert and less prone to weight problems and other health issues. Regular play also has been shown to help kids sleep better at night – which can help with maintaining a healthy weight.

Most kids (and adults) should aim for 60 minutes of vigorous activity daily. If a full hour isn’t feasible, try for smaller bursts that equal a full hour.

Because Florida generally enjoys year ’round warm weather, there are many options for activities. To find locations and venues where you can exercise, use the county-specific maps on our website.


You can also consider these options:

Outdoor Fun

    • Play hopscotch
    • Run through a sprinkler
    • Walk to and from a nearby attraction, corner store or restaurant
    • Fly a kite
    • Get a few neighborhood kids together to play “Ring Around the Rosie,” “Duck, Duck,

Goose,” or “Red Rover, Red Rover.”

    • Go on a community scavenger hunt – look for recyclables, pick up (and dispose of) trash, observe the different flowers and plants on your walk
    • Do yard work or plant trees, flowers, herbs or fruits and veggies in an outdoor setting. For a Central Florida gardening calendar, visit online at: http://solutionsforyourlife.ufl.edu/lawn_and_garden/calendar/
    • Walk the dog! If you don’t have a family pet, see if you can volunteer to walk a neighbor’s pet – with a parent’s permission,of course.
    • Ride a bike or skateboard – but don’t forget safety equipment such as elbow/knee pads and helmets.
    • Find a nearby neighborhood organization or community recreation center (our maps have many listed) that offers
scheduled weekly activities, such as soccer, kickball, softball or baseball.
  • Sign up for school sports – most public schools have after school sports. For kids enrolled in after care programs, oversight is provided to make sure kids get to and from the activity.
  • Create your own “neighborhood league” with friends for a weekly and friendly game of kickball, basketball or baseball (t-ball for the little ones).

Indoor Fun

  • Help clean your house – and get exercise in the process! Sweep, vacuum, dust or mop. 30 minutes of household chores a few times a week will add up to some serious calorie crunching!
  • Sit ups, push ups, pull ups and stretching – all can be done indoors or out – but it’s also great exercise when foul weather does not allow outdoor play!
  • Play active games – such as Twister or indoor hopscotch (using masking tape to create the boxes).
  • Talent Show – gather a few friends and stage a talent show with conditions – performers must move or dance during their performance!
  • Dance Party – turn down the lights, turn up the volume and move to your favorite tunes!
  • Maximize screen time – fitness videos or exercise games (such as Wii Fit) are a great alternative to outdoor time, but shouldn’t replace it entirely!
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt – search for items in the house using a short list of adjectives to describe them to hunters – and make sure to choose items from different areas of the house to encourage movement!
  • Leap Frog – clear out a space in the living room or your bedroom and play leap frog!
  • Build! Use furniture cushions, pillows, chairs and blankets or sheets to build an indoor obstacle course, a fort or anything else that you can safely play in… and then PLAY in it!
  • Compete! Using building blocks or logs, challenge friends or your parent to a timed competition… 10 minutes to build a house or car, for example.